Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Traveling Trips

On this most current trip I took to vegas I learned some valuable traveling trips. Some of this information will pertain to some people some of it might not just thought I would share.

Tip 1 : There of Good days to travel and bad days to travel

             Good Days = Tues, Thurs, Sat
             Bad Days = Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun

Tip 2: There is community of travelers out there that use "Buddy Passes" or "Non-Revenue" passes. These passes allow you to get on a flight for free but you will be traveling by standby. Its seems like a great deal but there is always a catch.

The most important tip I would say when traveling with these..( This knowledge was passed on to me by an avid buddy pass traveler) Get to the airport early , and I mean opening early ! If you intend for a good chance of getting to your destination. If you can't get an early flight..Leave! And try another day. I learned this the hard way spending 10 hrs back and fourth between terminals.

Tip 3: If you ever find yourself in Vegas and plan on clubbing or getting VIP understand that this will be expensive. Take this into account and either bring a big group of friends/family to split the costs. Surprisingly partying in vegas is something that can't be compared too and you might find yourself partying with celebrties!!

I hope this information helps someone...or just keeps you from sleeping in an airport!


  1. Did you party with any celebrities on this trip?
    What makes Tues, Thurs, Sat better days to travel? Cheaper, less people?
    Where do people get the "non-revenue" passes?
    Thanks! Love your Blog!

  2. 1. Yes we ended up partying with Trey Songz and Far East Movement...the billboard awards were that night!

    2. I was told that these are usually "off" days in that yes people usually do not travel on these days. Cheaper im not sure it might be, this is especially relevant to buddy passes.

    3. "Non Revenue" passes are acquired by employees of certain airlines. They are given to them for working for these airlines. Technically they can only be given as gifts to family but you know how that goes ! So as far as getting one get to know some airline employees or friends of friends of these employees !

    Much respect for the love I really do appreciate it !