Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Don't Live to Work...I Work to LIVE !!

I just thought I would set this post up more as a personal opinion( still fitting with I heart Travel though). Many people I am surrounded by or have witnessed live so preoccupied with "status". Status may mean many different things to different people. What I mean is the idea that its the materials you posses that make who you are. I think.... and I cannot find any meaning to a life like this. A life that allows finding happiness in things that don't truly matter. Many people of "status" as I put it work to obtain more and more of this status but what does it really account for.

I am not against people and their status but I prefer to work( because I have to) for different circumstances. I feel much more gratified by my expansion of culture and understanding with every new place I visit! Therefore from here on out ....I don't live to work.....I WORK TO LIVE !

Friday, April 22, 2011

Great Shoes = TOMS

So I recently was in the market for some new shoes. After deciding on what style of shoes I was going to get I went on a hunt through all the online stores to see what they were offering. As I went to countless stores a memory came to mind....I remembered a AT&T advertisement about this company who made shoes but for every shoe they sold they donated a pair to children in need.

So of course I looked up the website and was taken to TOMS. I was very impressed by the selection, and the user feedback. I was also intrigued by the love they make their shoes with.

Naturally I couldn't turn back, not only would my purchase style my feet more importantly it would help someone in this world...a child in need !!

After making my purchase I anxiously waited for my new TOMS shoes! They came today and I am extremely happy with my purchase!! Not only did I get a pair of great shoes, and help someone ...they even through in some goodies in the shoe box!!! It was like Halloween for an adult !!

So I thought I'd advise anyone looking for some great shoes to check out you won't be disappointed !

Here's some pics of the box and so on....Also I'm posting the bracelet included as my default pic...ONE FOR ONE !!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Travel on the Mind

So I just wanted to post up some personal art I made recently using Photoshop.

With travel constantly on my mind I chose a collage focused on traveling!

Here is the outcome...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Heart Couchsurfing!

So just wanted to mention out here on the blog my new found hobby/ way of life...COUCHSURFING!!

This is a unique site made up of generous,adventurous,kind, interesting,intelligent etc etc people!!!

I was told about this site about a month ago in passing, and it sincerely sparked my interest. I checked it out and could not believe I hadn't heard of it before. So I signed up and haven't thought twice about my decision since then !!

Couchsurfing in a nutshell is made up of people who will host a "couch" to you if needed so you have a place to stay if your traveling,moving,exploring and other such situations. It's also a place to meet new people that like to talk about life, travel, music or anything else!

I have had an amazing experience with the people I have met thus far through the site!

I recommend it to anyone who is ready to explore new horizons or ready to open their mind and LIVE LIFE !

Friday, April 8, 2011

Where is the T-shirt Picture??

I have been meaning to get the First official Picture with the I Heart Travel shirt here locally before I set it loose on the world!

Unfortunately this New England weather hasn't really been complying with me! This will soon change as I will force it into submission for some 60 degree weather.

be on the the picture will come out of the shadows when you least expect it !!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Here it is!!!!! After a week of anxious waiting, breaking down, fainting , then being revived by an adrenaline shot(Really just waited for it patiently in the mail) I GOT IT!!....The Official I HEART TRAVEL shirt is in !

It's everything I hoped for. The quality of the shirt is amazing, spreadshirt really did a great job!

Please check them out if your in need of some custom T-Shirt making at:!

The shirt was inspired by the I Heart shirts you see for many famous locations, I wanted to keep it simple and exactly to the point! I also added a small plane on the back of the shirt. The plane exemplifying my preferred way of travel !

So here's to starting a long relationship with this Shirt!!!