Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dreaming big

This was inspired by my daughter, a book, and the act of dreaming!

This post and the shirt attached to it were inspired from my inner child, and also the joy I get to partake in raising an amazing little girl.

I remember being a kid and day dreaming, having this awesome imagination and using it to have adventures in the world that surrounded me. It is no wonder adults always refer to their childhood as a time in which life was easier and more joyful. We did not have to worry about responsibility we could use our minds in whatever way we wanted. When we were kids some of us were astronauts, others were animals, and some were even kings or queens.
 A couple of years ago I was in a much different place, I would like to call that place 'zombie mode' or 'autopilot'. I did things because I was required to do so. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed my life, but I didn't cherish it nor did I  take advantage of it. With the birth of IHeartTravel it was as if I received a reawakening in what life could be again. I started to dream, I started to live, and I found myself more in touch with my creative side, much like when I was a child.

Being at this point in my life I find myself  lucky to have an amazing daughter with a very big imagination. She brings my life joy and really inspires me to see the world from her perspective. I am seeing myself through her, and also witness her unique way of being.

As a child I was never read books unless in school,  so I like to read books to my daughter that deliver a great message as much as possible. One of these books was named 'An Awesome book' written by Dallas Clayton. This book is awesome in every sense of the word, its a book about dreaming and not just ordinary dreaming but....DREAMING BIG! The message was great and it really inspired me. 
After we read it I knew I would do something centered around the theme of the book,  so I started working on a new kids shirt.  Today I finished that shirt and I am glad to share it with everyone. 
We need to  inform our children is a not only good to dream, it is a necessity to life. It is those that hold onto their dreams that make them a reality and achieve great things. 
I also believe that we as adults should not also lose the ability to dream. We grow up and get so caught up in our responsibilities, that we forget to be creative and just have fun. 
So please tell your kids or just anyone you love to dream.........DREAM BIG!

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