Saturday, October 15, 2011

Art is a wonderful thing

Art is am amazing thing it captivates our minds with its different ways of being expressed. Wether it be an art piece in a gallery, a captivating photo in a newspaper, a favorite song, an inspiring movie etc. Art is at the very essence of human existence. Without getting to deep, art is wonderful thing!

When not traveling around,  I am always on the lookout to hang out with or encounter people from different countries, recently I had that privilege. I came across a very unique and amazing artist named Liisa who is studying at RISD( Rhode Island school of design) from Estonia.

Liisa had put a post on couchsurfing that she was in need of models to draw for a project she was undertaking.

I contacted Liisa and told her of my interest, but upon asking her if I could help with her project, I asked if she could in return draw a portrait of me with my I Heart Travel shirt. She was more than willing and we setup a date to meet up. Now prior to this my only  experience with self-portraits came from my travels in Europe where I saw local artists draw tourists for a fee, and from the scene in the movie Titanic. I wasn't sure what I was suppose to do, or not do, and I definitely conveyed this to Liisa.  She laughed and after picking a spot at a local park, she  told me to tell her the story of I Heart Travel, for which I am always ready to share! I talked and she drew, to be honest it was quite a relaxing experience, and overall amazing!

Well today Liisa sent me the portrait and I am extremely happy with the outcome! I have never been to artistically inclined so whenever I get a chance to pick the mind of an artist or be amongst them I cherish it fully!

please check out her amazing work online at 
Thank you!

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