Sunday, September 18, 2011

Running powered by Inspiration

My first 5k is complete ..but the journey there was even better! ( I had to represent my passion !)

Since moving back to Rhode Island I have been running every summer, something about the warm weather makes me want to get active !
Since starting I have  posted up my activities to friends on Facebook, and in those past summers  I have had some people come out with me but no one really stuck with it, this summer that completely changed.

Prior to my trip this summer to Atlantic City I was approached by a good buddy of mine since high school  named Andrew (or as I call him Drewy, Drewsef, or just plain Drew) he was the master creator of this trip.

Having gotten out of shape since high school he wanted to look good for our trip and for himself. Seeing  my constant barrage of Facebook posting on Running ( as I like to call it livingSTRONG) he contacted me one day and said he would like to join. I knew that day he came out he was motivated and ready, so with some motivation and dedication on his end we pushed through that initial workout! It was rough for him and I knew it,  but I let him know that if he stuck with it then I would be here everyday pushing it just as hard!

He didn't let me down, day after day we both pushed harder getting more active as the summer progressed. It was my initial motivation that got him on track, but it was his dedication that kept my motivation going and pushing myself to strive for better physically ! 

We had came up with a end of the summer challenge to run a 5 mile run and bring the summer to a close. Somewhere down the line we came across the CVS Caremark 5k and we both decided this was the test we would choose. We called ourselves Team liveSTRONG and this is where we would put out all we had worked on throughout the summer.

Today we ran that 5k and it was AMAZING ! Amazing to see all these people run, Amazing to put all our summer efforts to the test, and amazing to know all we had accomplished!

FOCUSED! ----->

to my fellow team LiveStrong member we did it !!! 


  1. Thanks ! Your the first to comment on a post since I started !!!