Sunday, December 25, 2011


So Ms I Heart Travel and myself recently completed the first official photo shoot and it was a great time!

It started with an idea for a  father/daughter kind of thing, but being that IHeartTravel is such a big part of my life I also wanted to incorporate this brand I love so much!

My criteria for how it was to take place was very specific. I did not want some cheesy portrait photos from a major chain store. I wanted them to be very informal and portray the love my daughter and I share. I also wanted to find a photographer that shared this vision and could offer some creativity.

Once I had the general idea down I was off to find this unknown photographer. I put it out on the social media sites and quickly received feedback. It was here that I ran across Mr. Mike Larson, a friend of a friend and also family.

So I got in contact with him and we quickly began to talk about his work and what I was wanting from this experience. We quickly saw eye to eye on everything and I knew he was the man for the job. So we worked out the details and scheduled a date. 

Mike was so great, he has a mobile photo studio so we did some shots indoor at my place , and some shots outdoor .This was our first time doing anything like this so we just went with the flow.  My daughter and I just acted like ourselves and it was as if Mike wasn't even there. He let us showcase our love and captured it just as I had imagined. He did a fantastic job and couldn't have asked for anything better.

Very much like what I am attempting with this whole brand, Mike is also living out his passion, that passion  is photography. He has committed himself 100% and is enjoying it fully. So if anyone is looking for a great up and coming photographer please do not hesitate to contact him! I will for one be working with him on future IHeartTravel shoots as his work surpassed anything I had imagined. 

Please check out his other work and his contact info here:

Michael J Larson Photography:

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