Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Positivity of Giving

I am constantly on the lookout for inspirational, positive  material to share. This positivity can come from people and their stories, charities and their donations,  or even companies doing positive work to make an impact on this Earth. I have come across many positive things since starting this blog one of those being a company called TOMS.

I posted something back in April about this company and the One for One motto. It goes like this... for every pair of shoes they sell they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. After checking out the many selections of shoes, 

I picked my Botas as there called.

A few months later with some compliments ,and breaking in I can say I love the shoes, and especially like that my purchase had a positive effect !

I fully support this brand and the work they do. So now brings me to what this post is about. Recently TOMS launched an eye wear collection. Launched in support of the vision problem many less fortunate individuals face in other parts of the world. The concept is the same but the product has changed. Now for every pair of glasses they sell they will donate a pair of eye wear to someone truly in need of it.

So again I pass this on to the readers of this blog in hopes that you will make a purchase,  and take part in the One for One movement. I for one will make a purchase in support of this and post it when I receive the glasses.

I've also attached the video unveiling the new collection and the purpose behind it...PLEASE WATCH!!!

After watching feel free to visit the TOMS website:


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