Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Heart Couchsurfing!

So just wanted to mention out here on the blog my new found hobby/ way of life...COUCHSURFING!!

This is a unique site made up of generous,adventurous,kind, interesting,intelligent etc etc people!!!

I was told about this site about a month ago in passing, and it sincerely sparked my interest. I checked it out and could not believe I hadn't heard of it before. So I signed up and haven't thought twice about my decision since then !!

Couchsurfing in a nutshell is made up of people who will host a "couch" to you if needed so you have a place to stay if your traveling,moving,exploring and other such situations. It's also a place to meet new people that like to talk about life, travel, music or anything else!

I have had an amazing experience with the people I have met thus far through the site!

I recommend it to anyone who is ready to explore new horizons or ready to open their mind and LIVE LIFE !

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