Friday, April 22, 2011

Great Shoes = TOMS

So I recently was in the market for some new shoes. After deciding on what style of shoes I was going to get I went on a hunt through all the online stores to see what they were offering. As I went to countless stores a memory came to mind....I remembered a AT&T advertisement about this company who made shoes but for every shoe they sold they donated a pair to children in need.

So of course I looked up the website and was taken to TOMS. I was very impressed by the selection, and the user feedback. I was also intrigued by the love they make their shoes with.

Naturally I couldn't turn back, not only would my purchase style my feet more importantly it would help someone in this world...a child in need !!

After making my purchase I anxiously waited for my new TOMS shoes! They came today and I am extremely happy with my purchase!! Not only did I get a pair of great shoes, and help someone ...they even through in some goodies in the shoe box!!! It was like Halloween for an adult !!

So I thought I'd advise anyone looking for some great shoes to check out you won't be disappointed !

Here's some pics of the box and so on....Also I'm posting the bracelet included as my default pic...ONE FOR ONE !!!

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