Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Don't Live to Work...I Work to LIVE !!

I just thought I would set this post up more as a personal opinion( still fitting with I heart Travel though). Many people I am surrounded by or have witnessed live so preoccupied with "status". Status may mean many different things to different people. What I mean is the idea that its the materials you posses that make who you are. I think.... and I cannot find any meaning to a life like this. A life that allows finding happiness in things that don't truly matter. Many people of "status" as I put it work to obtain more and more of this status but what does it really account for.

I am not against people and their status but I prefer to work( because I have to) for different circumstances. I feel much more gratified by my expansion of culture and understanding with every new place I visit! Therefore from here on out ....I don't live to work.....I WORK TO LIVE !

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