Monday, September 26, 2011

Being the change

There is a very profound qoute that reads : 

This is a quote I have read and admired before, it seems someone I admire also really likes this quote,  Blake Mycoskie if the name doesn't ring a bell maybe his brand will

I am a huge supporter of the man and what his brand stands for Ive showcased that a few times on here. Blake recently released a book named 'Start Something That Matters'. From the moment I heard about it I knew I would pick it up. Here I am a couple of weeks after its release and this book was amazing! I was not only intrigued to possibly read the back story of his brand, but also what someone like this has to share.
Filled in this book are stories of positivity and motivation,  from the start up of very famous brands, to brands making an impact on the world like TOMS is doing. I couldn't put it down and it was the 1st book that has intrigued me in a very long time! If your a a person looking to start a business, non-profit, or just looking for some motivation you should most definitely check this book out...not only will you get some great insight, keeping with the ONE FOR ONE movement the publisher will donate a book to a child in need. 

I now see a little more clearly  where I see I Heart Travel going. I have begun to make some moves to steer the direction of this movement/brand in the direction of not only enjoying the world, but also helping out in it. I met up with a great person (Becca) who contacted me with some ideas about I Heart Travel...and in that meet up we (more her) came up with some great stuff!

The next step for I Heart Travel has been set in motion and I will keep updating as progress is made! 

Thanks again for reading and all the support !!!

- I Heart Travel -  

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