Friday, September 23, 2011

Stickers Guerilla Style

It's time get some more I heart travel into the world (gorilla ninja style!) 

So over the last couple days I was thinking of how I could spread I Heart Travel even further. I came up with some ideas and began to write them down. One thing I came up with was an I Heart Travel business card for which I drew up blue prints and designed a prototype. I looked into printing sites for this type of venture and found something that suits what I'm doing even better....STICKERS!!! 

Who doesn't like stickers, it takes you back to a child being rewarded for doing something good (unfortunately mine are not scratch & sniff that smell like candy, but that would be something huh !!) anyways from the design of the shirts, it was always my intention to have myself and now others go out into the world with this stuff,  and take pics wherever they find themselves. This will be another avenue to put this passion of mine out there in the world.

Once the stickers are in hand I will be putting them out around RI, and wherever else my travels take me. If anyone wants a sticker leave a comment here or on Facebook...I will try my best to send one or many  your way ! 

PS: I am purposely not putting a picture of the design because I want to turn this into a possible game (here locally first) .... If you spot one out in the wild take a pic of it and upload it .....can't wait to see how this turns out!!!!! 

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