Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Heart Travel for EVERYONE!!

Ok all ...After much consideration and feedback from you all, I have setup a place for people to buy my shirts and join the love of travel !!
It's a HUGE day for me to do this! I had no idea when I started all this that it would even for one second lead to something like this...NOT ONE!!!! I am so proud that people have responded to this dream in such a positive way.

When I made the first shirt it was me exposing myself to the world. It was all I dreamed of put into the physical! Since then (which seems like ages) the shirt has evolved the community has grown, and I have gotten sincere interest if I would ever sell this baby of mine ( as I like to refer to it). At first I was extremely hesitant but as I keep traveling, and I came across more people,  I know I am not the only one sharing this lifestyle and passion!

Through this blog other old skills of mine have been resurrected and put to use. This other passion is digital/graphic design so in my own time I have designed shirts in line with this lifestyle.

I pour a lot of enthusiasm and joy into this blog and everything it represents so I am glad the time has come to let other people in on this I Heart Travel thing .....Enjoy !!!  

Link to the Shop 
( also there will be a new tab for the shop on the homepage of the blog)

PS: I will not treat this for profit. If I could give them out or make them cheaper I would. In the near future I will look into different ways of putting them out ( this is very new to me!) In the meantime feel free to ask me questions..spreadshirt puts out quality products so I assure you the items are made with high standards

2nd PS: If any of you decide to buy some PLEASE send me pics with you and whatever items you choose. I am so excited to find where they might end up !!

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