Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Empire state of mind

This last friday was a fun one...this picture is a preview!

I snapped this picture of Will.I.Am from Black Eyed Peas fame while part of his entourage lol (more on that to follow). This last weekend was a first for many things for me, one of these firsts involved my first dance club. I along with some friends set out on a trip to club Pacha NYC

I  heard of this club while I lived in Germany. It's a very famous club out in Ibiza, Spain,  so getting a chance to go to the US version intrigued me. My buddy drew (of team livestrong fame) and I had missed our opportunity the last visit to NYC a couple weeks back. We left NYC with the intent to return to pacha.  

After friending pacha on facebook Drew had gotten word that Will.I.Am was going to DJ a set and the tickets weren't ridiculously expensive,  so we got the date and our next trip to NYC was set in stone!

So we set out on yet another 1 night trip to the big apple. This time we set out with a friend named Chet and my soon to be brother in law LOL.... Walter. Fortunately I had made some moves on my side before the trip to try to make the experience better. As I am a couchsurfer member I put it out on the NYC couchsurfing boards that me and some friends would be heading to NYC for a night of fun. After a few days a very friendly person replied to my post, she told me she was working that night and could put us on the staff guest list and we could get in free ( yet another reason why I love couchsurfing!).  So after after a 3 hour ride of drinking road sodas and watching baseball we arrived! We got o to NYC quickly got dressed,  met up with a good friend Manny and got to Pacha.
Will.I.Am delivered on the DJ set the place was crazy fun! About the title pic after partying all night we decided to leave at about 4 a.m (from what I remember) and there was Mr Will.I.Am in front of the five of us. As he was exiting so were we, so in my eyes we were pretty much his entourage (without the benefits lol).

We ended the night walking by times square and eating at a street vendor = SUCCESS!!...the hangover the next morning not so fun but worth it!

Here is what 4 a.m after Pacha looks like !!!

Also here is one of my favorites from their new album

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