Friday, December 16, 2011

LIVE like your were dying

 I actually write this close to midnight eastern time,  because I can't go to sleep with such a powerful experience that has just occurred.

This evening after having an eye opening discussion I get ready to call it a day. As me and my daughter lay in bed dosing off I think "Let's read a book" so I turn to my daughter and say "You want papi to read a book to you" she happily and surprisingly declares "yes!". So I go off to the living room and pick a book that has been laying around for almost four years without being read. The name of the book is ' Live like you were dying' .

So I pick it up and take it back into the room,  me and Avi get comfortable. At this point what can only be described as a coincidence in life occurs as I read. As I think about all of the things happening in my life currently, as I lay in bed with my lovely Avi, as I read these words and flip through each engaging page it's as this book is talking to me. I mean page for page , word for word,  this page is  literally talking to me. It's as if me and this book were suppose to meet at this point in my life.  My daughter slowly nods off and I continue to read this book,  I'm chuckling, I'm thinking....... basically this book has me fully engaged as though it has came upon me for a reason. I finish the short book and all I feel is WOW!

I don't know why I never picked this book up and read through it, but I am so very glad I waited until now to do so. With all that I believe now, all that I am coming to terms with and realizing, this little books message couldn't have been clearer. 'LIVE'.... our limited time here doesn't have to be used doing something we don't want, or being someone we don't care to be.

This book was like that little voice in my head saying ' stop thinking, start doing'. From tonight on it's time, it's time to start enacting those changes Ive been writing and thinking about and now its time to just GO! 

I never believed things came across your path when you needed them, call it fate, a miracle, destiny, or what have you.

I call it life and for me its time to LIVE like I was dying !

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