Saturday, October 15, 2011

Embrace the Think

Lately I have been thinking a lot, and its been a lot about thinking itself. We constantly think, we never not think. Try for a couple of seconds to just not think.......chances are in those very quick seconds you thought about not thinking or something else entirely. Through experiences in school over the last month and reading on the internet its remarkable what humans are capable of.

On my end a lot of  thinking has been focused on  where I'm taking  I Heart Travel in the future. When people ask me now what this is,  I tend to answer " Its going to be a charitable business either for profit or non profit". In the last couple of weeks I have managed to construct a game plan to where this is all heading,  the only thing uncertain at the moment is how to get there. I know the pieces are in place I just have to solve the puzzle. This puzzle is an illusion that I have mentally constructed for something I KNOW will happen for sure,  I guess there in lies my point. The ability to mentally speak with a "do" attitude rather than a "wish" attitude.

Over the last couple of months I have been observing, reading, listening to creative, smart, interesting people. The central theme it seems with all of them is they  dream and they do! They have ideas and they go for them, some have failed others have succeeded, no matter what the outcome they seem content to have pushed forward or failed trying.

When I stopped thinking of all the negatives in a given situation, and just started doing. It is these changes that have altered my perspective on life.

It was the author Timothy Ferris that uttered something along the lines of "We spend all of our lives working for a life we hope we can live in our younger years, then we spend our older years living it". I don't know about you but I feel there is something wrong with that kind of life plan. I want to embrace my life, I want to live a life I can look back on and say WOW I really did LIVE ! I do not want to spend the best times of my life,  when I'm near the end of it.

If this for some reason  inspires you to do something you've been wanting to do, I say  DO IT, do not think just GO. I promise you it will be worth it, and if for some reason it's not,  you will at minimum feel content that you tried. Nothing is worse than not trying something you really wanted, before you even gave yourself the chance.

As I recently saw on a blog post humans have about 20-60,000 thoughts a day.... Imagine that!

We posses the power to do whatever it is we want. It wont be easy, and it will be challenging but what in life isn't. Please do not settle for mediocrity ( unless its what you want), and test yourself every once in a while, the benefits you get from this only enrich your character ! 

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