Monday, August 1, 2011

Forever Young

::Originally as Facebook note expanded to the blog for more creative expression:: 

As I see more and more people comment on the youth of the current generation I write feelings on the subject:

     Whether it be their styles, the way they act etc. We (as in your particular generation) most notice that time continues. With each year that passes a new generation takes the place of another, it is the cycle of life. We start to realize that "our" time has passed. Your style, your music, your popular culture is no longer as relevant as it once was. This does not mean that it ends, quite the contrary it continues on with you, and your generational peers. It is you who must keep that existence alive. It is you that keeps what made your youth special. It is time to realize the way you once looked at older siblings, parents, individuals is now the position you find yourself in.

      These stares don't mean a thing to you and your age group because this was your youth, your life, your identity, your coming of age. As each year passes and we inevitably grow older we need not criticize the current generation. We must accept that their living out the lives that will shape them, as they did you. We choose to fill our lives with enjoyment as we grow older.
-So keep your  times alive the same way generations have before you-


To accompany these thoughts I attach this video. Not only a great song the images in this video our very moving. They capture the essence of youth and the passing of the generational torch...Enjoy!

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