Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Into the Wild

Nature is truly an amazing thing, its beauty is unmatched. For this reason on a recent trip I went into the wild.

Me and a couple of buddies setup a camping trip to New Hampshire. We wanted to get the real camping experience and actually rough it. I can gladly report we roughed it, with a few luxuries of course ( city people!) .

We set out early in the morning for this trip and arrived in NH around noon. As we had been sitting in a car for a few hours drinking, we were all feeling pretty good and wanted to find a spot ASAP. Upon our arrival to the camping area we noticed that there were many camping sites (pre designated spots to setup a camp site). While some back and forth went on between some of us, we finally decided this was not the camping experience we were looking for. So we left the camp site and parked our car near a trail and preceded to unload and find a camp site the "real" way. We walked for a quarter mile before we found  the perfect location.

After some fumbling with camping equipment we got our camp site established and we began roughing it. Right off the bat some of us had to use the bathroom ( all I can say is bring wipes or toilet paper and find a very secluded spot!). From there began a 20 hr drinking binge

including grilling food, hiking, sitting, starting a fire, shotgunning beers, chopping wood with a machete,  beers being poured on clothes/cellphones, and finally sleeping

 All in all I would say Operation: Camping in NH, was a big success ! Truly a unique experience to go into the woods of NH and turn off civilization and enjoy the beauty of Nature !!

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