Monday, August 8, 2011

Living for the Life Moments !

So this past weekend was a fun one!
My cousin had a summer BBQ which are always a great thing. As with all great BBQ's there was some drinking involved while enjoying the great food and the summer weather. Well under my recommendation after drinking for an extended period of time and smoking hookah.
It occurred to me.... you know what it's time to go take a dip in the beach! After all we live in the Ocean state why not enjoy it at 4 in the morning!!

So after getting in our finest swim gear and picking up some towels, I was joined by family and friends to partake in this adventure.
What we experienced that night ( or really early morning) was a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life!

Experiencing the ocean at night is something that cannot be compared too. The eery sound of the ocean as it crashes amongst the sand  ..... Swimming, jumping, and splashing in the darkness of that night as the ocean surrounded us can only be summed up as AMAZING! Then staying there and watching the day break was breathtaking.. I recommend it to everyone!

-Live or Live not!-

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