Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rediscovering the discovered

 Take 1
I open this with a video so if you haven't clicked it, click it now
(Lines : " I Heart Travel Boston")

It's funny because sometimes you never realize what has been in front of you the whole time. This sentence can apply to many things in my case it applies to a city,  the city of Boston. I have been to Boston many times but none until this day left such an impression on me! It was like coming to Boston for the very first time. This day started with a simple premise....Take Avi (my daughter aka Ms. I Heart Travel) on her first train ride and just have a random adventure in Boston. 
I planned out the expenses for the ride and everything else was in the air. Thankfully my sister had thrown out some ideas, one of which I used. I decided the first stop would be the children's museum. Upon arriving in South Station ( Avi wasn't too excited about the train ride) we headed to the children's museum...what occurred after was 2 1/2 hours of KGC ( Kid Gone Crazy!) She was up then down ,  blowing bubbles ,  building, then destroying, then in water , after in sand....very tiring but so exciting to witness. What had been planned in my thoughts as a stroll through bean town ended up being consumed by the Children's Museum.

Take Two

When I negotiated my way out of there we headed to the train station where we saw our train leave us by 5 minutes! No worries we get another ticket and had to kill an hour and a half of time.

 Earlier I had overheard some Bostonians talking about the little parks in the middle of the city, so that's where we headed. When we finally sat down in one of these parks it was simply amazing! It was surreal to be enjoying such a relaxed easy going time in the shadow of these huge buildings, and surrounded by the bustling city.
It was then that I had realized,  I had never taken the time to just relax and enjoy Boston! I had always been preoccupied with a major city living up to it's major city status ...So when I actually just sat back and took 
 it in ...I had a complete new experience, it was truly amazing!! 

by the way me and Avi had our I Heart Travel shirts on, and Boston people definitely showed their love for them !

Take 3 ( Success or close enough lol!)

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