Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Heart Travel in the wild

 The I Heart Travel Sticker!

So as promised the first I Heart Travel stickers have been released into the wild. I never showed what the stickers looked like, because I wanted them to be put up and found.

Along with me, I recruited my little cousin Kenia or KSV  (freshman in college) to help me get these out. Well a couple of days ago I got the first pictures of the stickers and I am so proud of where she placed them!!

So be on the lookout, next time your leisurely strolling around you might just find I Heart Travel !

PS: If any of you would like to decorate your life with some I Heart Travel feel free to contact me.
Either by leaving a comment here or leaving a Facebook comment on the IHeartTravel page.
With your request send how many you would like and where you will be putting them.

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