Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Paths

A new road is sometimes difficult to choose. You don't know where it leads you might not even know where it will end, but the journey might just be worth it.

Amazing material, people, and inspiration continue to pour into my life. It only solidifies who I am becoming. One hundred percent of this blog has become an inspiration for myself and the material I care for. A couple of days ago I posted a quote it read: 
"Time to stop being who I was, and begin to start being who I am"

For me this was an explanation in evolution of character. We are always growing and learning as individuals. I feel as though this year has been a tremendous year of personal growth. I am content with the actions I am making, and actions I am currently working on. 

As I have changed, the environment around me has not, nor do I expect it to. What I do know is that the lack of growth around me will not deter where I am heading and where I find myself now. For me it is time to shed the old me, put it to rest and leave it in the past. In my experiences this year I have grown into a new person, gained a new outlook, and found a different approach to life.

The  habits formed in the past need to go. Although this is has proved a little more difficult than expected , I know I will prevail. I believe it to be,  so I know it will come to fruition. 

We must do what  makes us happy, and brings joy to our life. This is me finding myself in that place.

As each new sunrise brings a new day,  this wake up brings a new me. A me I am content with, A me I accept, A me that I know is not without faults, but a me that is exactly who I want to be.......right now. 

Side Note: Music plays such a pivotal role in how I feel, and sometimes what I write(as most could agree). Therefore I could not end this post without sharing one song in particular that really inspired this. The song is called waking up by One Republic. The vibe this song gives off was a big inspiration so here it is for all of you.

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