Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shared Interests

One thing I have noticed since starting this blog is how connected we all are. I realize this more than ever when I encounter others who share my interests.

Starting at the age of 18 I asked my parents to move to Guatemala for the summer. Why? Just cause,  I had no plan nor idea what I was getting into, I just felt like getting to know my family there in a more real way, as opposed  to receiving the grand treatment ( the touristy treatment) in each visit prior. What I got was a view into another life I had never seen, another way of ordinary life. That summer started one of many journeys.

The next big journey followed with me joining the military at 19.  I had hoped to be stationed abroad preferably England at the time. Although I didn't quite end up in England, I found myself a  couple of countries over in Germany. Those two years in Germany changed my life and furthered my traveling passion. It was here that I was presented with the opportunity to travel around western Europe and fulfill a dream,  and again live within another culture.


These life adventures have helped me find the people I thought existed in few numbers. Through yet another great site, and another great blog , I come across me again. What I mean by "me" is that I have once again stumbled upon another person in this world that shares my passion. Throughout all of my travels I had always assumed many people found traveling as interesting as me. As I traveled more I realized some thought it was great ( but could not do it for various reasons) , others didn't get the point,  and some could care less. I can never say I felt alone because more often than not I was accompanied, or dragged someone along. There were however times when I believed this passion was something I shared alone.

Sometimes in life we feel as though the world doesn't understand us. Were all different and have different talents and interests. Some of us like reading, others like to watch films, some like to volunteer, others would rather donate. These differences sometimes intimidate us, but regardless of the differences were all human and as such we all learn, make mistakes, have joy, and go through pain among many other emotions.

Through starting this blog and the power of the internet I see that there are more people like me than I could have ever imagined. In the last couple of months I have met people from all over sharing my passion of travel and adventure, and on some occasions even the same outlook on life. Every time I come across them , it lets me know I am not the only one. There are people just like me who at this very moment are on a plane, a car, a boat, or on foot exploring the unknown and enjoying every bit of it!

So If you find yourself in a similar situation, a situation where you believe yourself to be alone, think again! No matter how small your niche, chances are there is someone like you doing the same thing and enjoying it to the fullest so don't doubt yourself.

This world is big with an estimated 6.973 billion of us humans living on it. In all these people I can guarantee there are  people like you. So go be YOU , do what it is you like and share it with others.....eventually you'll find another YOU out there!(if you haven't already)

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