Thursday, November 3, 2011

Live Life = Double L's

 This post was inspired when I was put on the spot and felt I didn't give a good response.

I was asked recently by a friend what the Double L on the live life shirt represented. I felt I responded her with a  not so well thought out response, not because I didn't know what it represented,  but because it was hard to convey the emotion behind what inspired the design into a quick response.

Throughout my late teenage life and definitely in my young adult hood I have consistently had this belief of LIVING LIFE. This may hold many interpretations by others, I define it as this:

LIVE LIFE -  To enjoy the life we live in whatever way we seem fit. Do whatever it is you do but enjoy it, cherish it, and make sure not to regret it!

My life has many enjoyments in it, one major enjoyment is traveling. When I travel  I get to see new environments, discover new people, and see new cultures and perspectives on life.  The joy I get from this fuels the next adventure.

Along with my travels comes my sense to look at life optimistically.  Our minds have the ability to control us in very powerful ways. I use my mind to believe things can be accomplished if you truly want them to be. So this outlook again fuels the adventures and the positivity I keep in my life .

As you will also notice the shirt was inspired by KSV. KSV is my little cousin who has been spotlighted on this blog before. One evening she posted a picture, her hand gesture was that of Double L's and the caption on the picture read "Live Life" it was this picture that inspired the shirt design.

Being so captivated by that picture I created the design that night and posted it on the store not soon after. Her hand signal had nothing to do with me or I Heart Travel but the message she was conveying was something I had thought and spoken about for years.

Living Life is what I strive for, I like to enjoy my life through travel among other things. I hope that like me you also have a passion, and that passion drives you to excel in your life!

So next time you find yourself Living Life remember to throw up the Double L's or buy the shirt and let people know what it is you do ! 

If you have not checked out the Live Life shirt you can do so here:

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