Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Modern Legend

I start with this video....please watch

This video is very powerful. I came across it about a year ago and it has helped shape the way I think now. This blog post is a little off topic with what is intended here but than again maybe not so much. 
Aside from exploring the world another one of my passions in life is the admiration of technology. The very first blog post I ever wrote before this blog had a name was a post about apple and my disagreements with them. No matter my personal feelings ( at the time) I cannot ignore the innovations this man and his brand have made! I feel a simple RIP Steve Jobs on a Facebook status does not for me fully express this man's life, or the many people he has influenced. 

It would take far too long to summarize this innovators life in words. I would much rather show how this one time college drop out and dreamer influenced generations after him and generations to come!
Steve Jobs was behind innovations such as:
 PC (Personal Computer):
 Personal computers are an after thought now, but here is one of the men that made that possible
MP3 Players ( or what we all call them Ipods):
He forever changed the way we listened to music
he changed all that with the Iphone

he changed the way we now use computers and will in the future

and if you recognize the scene behind his will notice that he was even part of the revolution that are modern animated films
To summarize all this, when you read in history books, Steve Jobs will have etched a section to himself! This man impacted many of the things we use now and will use in the future. 
I am grateful to have lived in the time of Steve Jobs!

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