Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keep Going

This morning I came across an amazing post from a blog I follow. This post was so amazing I have to share it. This particular blogs name is "The Art of Non-Conformity" it consists of spreading tips of life, work, and travel. Another inspirational goal of the writer is to travel to every country in the world by 2013 he is currently at 159!

Anyways this particular post stuck me because of it's subject matter. The subject being a person who wasn't qualified to do anything but mediocrity .Coming from a background suitable for less than stellar jobs, attending and graduating with a degree that provided no jobs, and not having basic math skills deemed necessary for  adult life. This man has defined the odds of what he was so suppose to become.

I relate to this post on many levels  because much like the writer I have never been  extraordinary at anything I've done. I hold less than average mathematical skills, and I also hold the current skills deemed necessary to work a dead-end job. Through a series of failures this last year I feel now more than ever that I am on a path to where I want to be. I now see life in a different way,  a way that involves living the life you want and less about what others see for you.

and I quote from actual  post:
"Regardless of your actual qualifications, there’s one thing that no one can give you and no one can take away: the will to keep going. For that task, you are supremely qualified."
 I encourage anyone reading this now to follow the link and read this great post!

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