Monday, October 24, 2011

Music + Life

I found myself in NYC again, this time for quite the interesting and exhuasting event. It involved a band who's music has played as a sountrack to my life.

Earlier this month I became aware that a band I have admired for years was going to play the Today show in NYC for free. Naturally I couldn't pass it up so I was on the move again.

Coldplay was that band, you may have heard of them their one of the biggest acts in the world!

Coldplay found its way on my radar back in 2003 in my teenage years. I had a fascination with British culture and dreamed of visiting London someday. When hearing 'Clocks' and 'In my place' I was instantly hooked by their sound and have been ever since.

I have heard about bands/music becoming part of your life,  and this bands music has become part of mine. Each album since has played as a musical backdrop to important parts in my life.

The show was to be taped early during the Today Show. I knew there were many coldplay fans in the world and that was proven to me on this occasion. About a day before the show it came to my attention that people were going to line up for this show the night before. My intital plans were altered from arriving early  to camping out on the streets of NYC.

Through couchsurfing I posted a thread about the event and received one serious reply. That one reply was Ahmed a mechanical engineer from Qatar, currently traveling the world. After some setbacks on my arrival to NYC I got to Rockefeller plaza around 12p.m( Ahmed had saved me a spot since 9p.m!).

It was quite the night, filled with discussions of life, music, traveling and anything else we could come up with. Spending the night with all these fans was great, one trio stuck out in particular (consisting of  two parents and their daughter). Their daughter was a big Coldplay fan and she was turning 18 on the day of the show. Her parents decided to brave the weather along side her and camped out amongst us all. I can only hope that in 15 years time I'm half as cool as those two parents!

We braved the cold fall night and were ushered into the plaza at 6a.m. At about seven they began to sound check,  hearing those speakers pound with music that has played such a pivotal role in my life instantly made it all worth it!

I probably will never do this again ( unless Avi tries something similiar in the future) but I know I will remember that night and day for the rest of my life!

I live for these types of  adventures!!! 

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